Collection Agency in King of Prussia, PA

Sales are only part of the equation for a successful business. The ultimate goal of any enterprise is to maximize cash flow and obtain payment for all goods and services provided. When it comes to getting delinquent customers to pay, you need to employ the collection agency King of Prussia, PA businesses rely on: GB Collects.

As one of the nation’s leading commercial collection agencies, we offer collection solutions for any business situation. From representing you to remind customers of delinquent debts to training your own accounts receivable department, we are here to maximize your net-back recovery rate with effective and ethical collection strategies.

First Party Collections

First party collection agencies in King of Prussia, PA represent your company directly, contacting your delinquent clients in your name to remind them of outstanding debts and provide a path to payment. We are an outsourced first party collection agency, letting you focus your time and resources on growing your business, not chasing after late payments.

If you would like to keep your debt collection in-house, we also offer training seminars to help your accounting department succeed. Our complimentary seminars cover FDCPA regulations, proven collections techniques, and recent developments in the industry. As leaders in the art of account collection, we will inform and motivate your employees to provide more efficient and polite debt collection.

Third Party Collections

Our third party collection service is what you think of when an account is “sent to collections.” Acting as GB Collects, we pursue every possible path to payment, from direct telephone contact to collection letters to litigation management. Our stepped collections program increases the level of urgency progressively, creating a high recovery rate as delinquent customers feel an ever-rising obligation to pay. Each of our employees completes an intense training regimen to stay up to date with the latest collection techniques and legal and ethical developments.

As the top collection agency in King of Prussia, PA, we have the investigative expertise to locate difficult customers. Our skip tracing and business structure investigations ensure that even if your initial point of contact has disappeared or left the organization, we can find someone with the right connections to deliver your payment.

If your debtor still refuses to pay, we can and will pursue legal action through the Forwarders’ List of Attorneys, an elite worldwide association of lawyers with nearly a century of excellence in credit and collection law. Our dedicated litigation management staff act as intermediaries between you and the courts, helping you utilize the legal system for the largest possible recovery.

When you need to recover delinquent accounts quickly, work with the collection agency King of Prussia businesses trust. Call or email GB Collects today to find out how we can help you create a sense of urgency for your clients and rebuild your cash flow.