Collection Agencies in Newark, NJ

If your business has problems with unpaid customer accounts and delinquent debts, you need to work with one of the best collection agencies near Newark, NJ. GB Collects has a team of collections professionals trained to assist you through all aspects of the accounts receivable recovery process, maximizing your cash flow while freeing your time to grow your business.

Our debt collection and recovery services include:

  • First Party Collections – We will act as a representative of your business, encouraging delinquent customers to pay promptly. We gradually build a sense of urgency through customized collection letters and telephone calls, gently reminding your customer of their obligation to pay.
  • Training Seminars – We work with your accounts receivable department, training your employees in the latest collection techniques. Our complimentary seminars cover collections regulations, ethical and effective collection methods, and the shifting nature of the industry, preparing your staff to start pursuing late payments.
  • Third Party Collections – When a client refuses to pay, send the account to our collection agency in Newark, NJ. Our intensely trained professionals are experts in urgency, using the latest proven methods to convince the most reluctant customers to settle their debts. We also investigate customers you may have lost touch with, through skip tracing, business structure analysis, and chain of command contacts, to locate the most difficult-to-reach debtors.
  • Litigation Management – If a customer continues to refuse to acknowledge and pay their debt, we can and will pursue legal action on your behalf. We work with lawyers from the Forwarders List of Attorneys, a Philadelphia-based referral service connecting businesses and creditors to the best collections attorneys since 1922. We act as a liaison between you and the attorney, taking care of communications and case management to save you time to focus on your business while we work to recover your toughest accounts.

Our collections professionals have extensive experience collecting challenging debts across a wide range of industries. While we specialize in insurance recovery, transportation and distribution, and commercial lease delinquency, our expert team has the flexibility to handle almost any debt. When you are ready to learn why we are one of the leading collection agencies serving Newark, NJ, call or email us to get the conversation started.