Collection Agency in Wilmington, DE

Do you have rent, inventory, premiums, or other charges you are trying to collect from delinquent customers? Don’t waste time pursuing these accounts yourself when you can put collection professionals with an average of 16 years of experience to work on your behalf. Let GB Collects, a nationally recognized collection agency near Wilmington, DE, handle your accounts receivable and delinquent bill recovery.

We help businesses in a wide variety of sectors and industries rebuild cash flow by creating a sense of urgency for delinquent customers to pay quickly and in full. We train your accounts receivable staff to collect debts directly, act on your behalf to assist with first party collections, handle your delinquent accounts in third party collections, and help you manage litigation against your most difficult clients. From start to finish, we will be with you through every step of the collections process.

Some of the industries we routinely serve include:

  • Insurance – Our experienced staff excels at recovering premiums, deductibles, and overpayments. We have specialists in health, life, property, casualty, and liability insurance, with a thorough understanding of specific facets of the insurance business and how insurance regulations impact collections. We pursue delinquencies professionally and diplomatically from hospitals, insurers, trustees, individuals, and more to ensure that payment is distributed fairly to all parties.
  • Wholesale Distribution and Transportation – We represent manufacturers and distributors to recover costs associated with inventory management, including unsold merchandise, delinquent freight bills, unpaid storage fees, and other obligations.
  • Commercial Leasing – We have a specialized collection team focused on commercial real estate. Our experts can collect terminated leases and delinquent rents, as well as manage ongoing lease agreements.
  • Skip Tracing – When a debtor has disappeared from your records and you are unable to reach them to continue to collect, you need the investigative powers of the best collection agencies in Wilmington, DE. Our expert collection teams can trace difficult debtors through public records, business structure investigation, and the chain of command at current and former employers to obtain payment on accounts you thought were lost forever.
  • Custom Collection Letters – We offer custom mailings on our letterhead or yours to build a sense of urgency around paying off delinquent accounts. You choose the design, wording, and length of the campaign, and we manage it as an easy path to increased cash flow.

When you are ready to work with one of the nation’s leading collection agencies, give GB Collects a call. We welcome any questions or requests, and we will be glad to talk to you about your options for delinquent account recovery.