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Commercial Collection Agencies of America Debuts

11th June, 2014

The Commercial Collection Agencies of America, Inc. recently announced the formation of a new non-profit association to provide experience, expertise, ethics, and education to agencies, attorneys, credit grantors, and collections professionals working in the collections and credit industry.

“We believe that experience, expertise, ethics, and education are the four pillars of the foundation of what a sound, forward-thinking collection agency and … more

Handling Conflict in the Workplace

14th March, 2014

By Tara Usher

Whether it is amongst co-workers or on a call, workplace conflict can cause ample stress and lower productivity. When you find yourself in the midst of a conflict it is important to remember these simple steps to help alleviate tensions and resolve the issue while appeasing both parties.

•Don’t wait for conflict to erupt- Address the issue … more